This is a special box for my core fans. Contains a personalized autographed book, journal, and a thank you card. Also contains a diamond pen and a bookmark. 

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My Story

My first book, My Naked Parts, is about my life’s journey and all the decisions that led me to where I am. Celibacy of almost a decade, recovery from abuse, making music, and touring.

The struggles of a celibate single woman in her forties.

Sex, relationships, and lessons learned from heartbreaks. A detailed journey to wholeness and everything that led up to my celibacy.
We have to identify and intentionally put in the work that freedom from the past requires, mindsets and strongholds that limit us.  The fact that things happened to us does not mean they should continue to control us.

I have learned that running away from a memory is not the same as racing towards a goal.

My question for you as you begin to read this book is:

                         “Why are you running?”


Because, if God sat me down to write a book with a message for you, that means it's not my book, but yours.

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Crystal Salt
A few good words

Bouqui is one-of-a-kind. Her ingenuity and tenacity are appealing. I've appeared on her TV and radio show, Bouqui's Place, a few times. She always asks intelligent questions and is extremely hardworking. I've known her for over two decades, and she's always been consistent. Her story is inspiring, and with her focus, the best is yet to come.


Nigerian Journalist, Publisher of Ovation Magazine, Presidential Candidate.